December 23, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Y and Y Pro Duos surfaces on Web

Hello readers, I am back again with an cheesy news again.
In India, after the launch of dual sim Android phones such as the Micromax Supefone lite A75 and Spice Mi350n, how can Samsung sit quiet? No, no, no don't even think so. While surfing the web I saw something interesting and wanted to share it with you. Some press releases say that, Samsung is going to launch Dual sim variants of its Galaxy Y and Y Pro budget smartphones and are gonna named as Galaxy Y Duos and Galaxy Y Pro Duos respectively. There is even a probability of these phones to release within next two months

Specs are given below the image.
Samsung Galaxy Y Duos: -
  • Android 2.3 Gingerbread.
  • Same 832 Mhz Processor but with 384mb of RAM this time.
  • 3.14" TFT capacitive multitouch display with same 320*240 QVGA sucking display(why samsung?)
  • Dual Sim (GSM+GSM).
  • 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS , as every android has.
  • A 3.2MP camera at rear(last one had only 2MP). But seriously, no front facing cam.
Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos: -
  • Android 2.3 Gingerbread.
  • 2.6" TFT touch screen
  • 832 Mhz processor.
  • All standard Android stuffs I am bored writing it...
  • and yes a  3.2MP camera.
  • PLUS!!! a front facing camera.
Expected launch: -
Near about in Quarter 1 '2012

My Views: -
The Samsung galaxy Y S5360 was targetted mainly for the youth gen ('Y' ). And these two phones with some higher specs like dual sim and a good camera, I think are for those business folks who love a cheesy CLASS sort of phones, mainly the Galaxy Y pro duos, the qwerty version of Galaxy Y duos. Well according to me, a phone is a phone at last, and I dont think about a business or a multimedia tag under a phone. Because, if the phone has simple design it is named after BUSINESS phone. Well, its our(consumers) choice to buy which one........

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December 13, 2011

Micromax launched the Superfone lite A75

Micromax, an Indian mobile making company who has always tried to win the hearts of mediocre people by making powerful phones in a very nice price bracket, so that everyone can afford it. Yesterday, as per the news I read, I came to know that this company again launched a new android phone viz., Micromax Superfone lite A75, the l'll bro of the recently launched A85 with dual core nVidia processor. A75 is launched in a price bracket <10k, as I said so that everyone can afford it. And for the delight, it has got a very fabulous spec sheet too.cheers! and see below....

The specs include:-
  • A nice 3.75" screen with res of 320X480p.
  • 650MHz of processor
  • 3MP rear shooter with LED flash, and 0.3MP front facing cam
  • and yes Dual sim too(GSM+GSM), again Cheers!
Readers, this phone has just awesome specs. And I am just waiting for a good review to come on Youtube..
Till then,
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N.B: The images are just for indication and do not belong to me. They are taken from Micromax's own website, and not my property.

November 09, 2011

Life with my Nokia 5233

Well, its been a long time I wanted to share my experience in my 'gizmo' life with Nokia 5233. My Nokia is about 10 months old now. My dad bought it for me near about in the last December, and I was so happy when I got it, I can't even express that feeling, b'coz it was my first touch' phone which I got in my life. Actually I am a proud owner of the 'limited edition' chrome bordered version of Nokia 5233. It is my first touch phone and still it looks like a new one, b'coz I can keep my gadget's and gizmo's alive for a time longer that anyone else :)

Some of the things which I love in this phone include a nice and responsive touch screen, being resistive; extremely crisp resolution of the screen, which is very clear and wide enough to watch movies on it, so and so...This phone does not have 3G or WiFi on it, but its internet speed on edge/GPRS are fast enough to get the stitch on time which saves my nine, just joking but yea, its speedy enough.

It also has a nice Symbian S60 OS, which is, in my opinion, an okay-okay platform to start your journey with a smartphone or a touch phone instead of going with the Java phones. B'coz the os gives 'some' choices to the apps which can cut the boring time, but not as great as Android. Actually my dad first gave me choices between Samsung Corby and Nokia 5233, and as you know I opted for Nokia. I even like Corby, but it does not have as many features as Nokia and 8/10 people on the street had that thingy on their palm.

This is my one, still looks squeaky new.

Wait for my next posts,

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October 27, 2011

iPhone 4s to be released in November'11.

Hello everyone, as we all know, the most awaited iPhone 5 is still in the list of 'To be Released' due to the death of Steve Jobs. But there are chances if iPhone 4s with Siri, a dual core A5 processor and a full HD 8mp camera to release in India next month. But there is still no news from the carrier companies in India. 

The first to do is just like every time -wait, wait and wait!. Jokes apart, if got a chance to get an iPhone, then I will still wait for the iPhone 5, or get an iPhone 4 instead.

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October 20, 2011

Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 out with Galaxy Nexus!

Hello everyone, the most awaited version of Android, the Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 is out with Samsung Galaxy Nexus on which it is running. Nexus phones are believed to released with most of the newest Android platforms.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus
And one thing more, according to the web most of the phones running official Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) will get this update.
I personally thought that this version of Android would be also tablet optimized, but for the delight its for mobile phones.

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October 10, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Y, a new youngster in the Android race..

Hello everyone, and thanks for all the comments I received from you in most of my last posts. 

Samsung recently launched 3 new smartphones, viz., Galaxy Y, Omnia W, and Wave 3.
But I wanted to tell you about the Galaxy Y, because it is balanced more on specs and less on price.
The Y here stands for generation youth on which it is targeted.

Priced at just Rs. 7130, this baby has a powerful 832MHz processor and 256mb of RAM. It also has a 3.0" capacitive touch screen with a QVGA resolution, which is not bad according to its price. And the main thing, it runs on the latest version of Android, i.e. 2.3.5 Gingerbread.

On the sad note, it has nothing to say. But only 2 megapixel camera may disappoint someone, but it can be easily digested if one looks on the advantages of this phone.

The screen, on the phone is extremely responsive (of course, its Samsung buddy) according to the reviews over the web. It supports all the multi touch inputs and gestures. And for the rejoice, Samsung has put its highly customizable TouchWiz 3.0 UI. But for me, LauncherPro or ADW launcher are first choice as they are much more customizable and smooth.

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August 19, 2011

App Review: V-Home Screen for Nokia s60

Hello readers. Its been a long time when Nokia was renowned for its Symbian OS. But after the arrival of Apple's iOS and Google's Android, Symbian moved aside. But yes, the new Symbian^3 is mighty and powerful but not as great as Android or iOS. Then what should the S60v5 users do? Nokia doesn't add more processing power or RAM to its mid-range phones. Then also there are some good apps for that too!!
I can know how one feels for the not so Classy SINGLE home screen UI of Nokia in front of a Android, iPhone or any of the latest(and cheapest too) Samsung's touchscreen phones with TouchWiz UI consiting of 3-7 homescreens. As I am using a Nokia 5233 too, so I was worried about that thing like you only!!! So, I surfed the web and found something new i.e. V-home for Nokia. 
V-Home is a mod for Nokia s60v5 phones, which installs easily and turns your phone UI into a new and stylish UI.
Here are some screenshots of V-Home for Nokia (click to zoom) : -

I am sure that you will now definitely love your Nokia(just for the homescreen). I have attached the file below which you can download by clicking the big button, which screams DOWNLOAD!!

August 13, 2011

Overview: Reliance 3G tab, A tab for everyone....

Hello readers. I have got something which will surely fit our pockets. Yes, its a tablet running Android 2.3 on it. Check it out below.

Reliance 3G Tab
Specs of this Tablet: -

  • 7" WVGA LCD capacitive display with multi-touch gestures.
  • Weight- 389gm.
  • 3400mAH, Li-Ion battery.
  • 800MHz CPU.
  • Android 2.3 GingerBread (hope it would be upgradable to 3.0)
  • 2 MP rear camera and VGA front facing camera.
Reliance 3G tab Product pic
Priced at Rs.12,999, the specs don't look to be bad at all, and it does look like a charm to me :)

Many shopping sites are giving 3-6 monthly EMI's on this tab. I just want to get my hands on this device and review it on my blog (just trying)
So till then,
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August 11, 2011

Nokia C2-02 and C2-06, will they stay for long??

      Hiii readers, hope you follow me this time or at least comment? Hmmm, today I got something interesting over the web. Something new, which should be done by Nokia before. I think you got an exact image of what I am going to convey...No? Okay read below ..
    Nokia is busy releasing 2 new touch-n-type phones(I said 'touch' not 'smart'). The keyboard will have slider mechanism, but it will be Alphanumeric(its ''ancient'' now Nokia) they should use QWERTY keypad at least okay company should be knowing whats better......
Nokia C2-06
Nokia C2-02


"No Difference in both of them at all (lack of designers at Nokia)"

         Full specs of the phones: Nokia C2-02 and Nokia C2-06,
         and Pre-order site: Nokia C2-02 and Nokia C2-06

     For the price, I think that the phones would not bad though, but resistive touch screen on 2.6" QVGA display still matters....Okay, if your fingers are too small then this is best for you at this price. I don't understand why Nokia does not give its phone some "Pet name", everytime its gives name which don't come on tongue, why Nokia? Why? Both of these are Dual sim and Dual stand-by mode enabled I thought this would also be running on its ''Familier'' Symbian 60 v5 (s60v5). But wait, this one is Java based phone or it may be running on s40 for Java(actually both are same, but s40 is customized by Nokia) or I don't know, because it is not shown up on too.... so, should wait till any reviews come up or let it be..depends on you readers...

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August 09, 2011

Some thoughts about LG Optimus One P500...

    I posted an overview of LG Optimus One P500 recently. After watching several video reviews and comparison over the web, I came to a conclusion that LG has put its best to make this phone. But, in my college and society, everyone prefers Samsung. I still don't understand why? Why they always blame LG?

Lg Optimus One P500
    I know Samsung is the much better, but Optimus One is much-much better than the phones in the same price bracket by Samsung. Okay!! I should leave that topic, because everyone has his/her thoughts behind everything. 
  The standard resolution for running almost every apps from Android Market is 320x480p, and not 320x240p, which is awful on a 3" screen, in my opinion.
     According to the dummy model of Optimus One, I saw, I came to a conclusion that it feels much much greater than any other phone in the same price range(I wrote any other phone, not comparing). I still don't understand why do I like this phone, or maybe I am extra spec-conscious geek, or maybe the phone, I don't know...
A new thought by me (pls don't laugh)- "Samsung and LG, both are best, but goodness depends on your mood!"     

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August 08, 2011

Again, a new Youtube

         Hello readers, I am sure that you all have definitely heard the phrase- "The internet is full of TUBE's", I think so. But the most popular one is, but why does it constantly change its layout every year or two?
         Why Youtube doesn't add user-friendliness in the new layout before releasing it?
Youtube in 2005(click on the pic to zoom)
Youtube in 2011(click on the pic to zoom)
         After 6 years, Google has made a ton of efforts in maintaining the layout and look of Youtube with generation and age. Again within 6 months, there will be a change, according to me.
         But I still love Google and Youtube(not only me, you must also be doing the same too)
I know that this post consisted nothing important, but I am still confused-"Why does Google Do so?"

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July 18, 2011

Review: Advanced SystemCare 4 FREE!

   Hello readers, I thought to review a software now. You may not have heard of this software's name before, because its not that popular. But its much better than its name. This software is mainly focused on the computers having more than better configuration but still lag due to junk files. So, Advanced SystemCare is for tweaking your PC's performance(as the name suggests). This software is lite on the system , i.e it does not occupy much of the space of your hard-drive. 
    The software includes 4 main tools on its UI

The Main UI
  1. Quick Care(for daily cleanup)
  2. Deep Care(disk defragment, deep clean, registry clean, etc...)
  3. Turbo Boost ON/OFF(turns off unused application running behind)
  4. Toolbox(has more than 20 tools)
     Trust me readers, its a good software as far I have used yet and its FREE. I tested it on my PC, and I felt that my PC was running comparatively more faster than before. 

     If you also want to try it, then you will get it here

RATINGS(out of 5)

Hope you enjoyed this post also...Please do comment.......
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June 13, 2011

Samsung Wave 525, for the one's on a TIGHT budget.....

         Today, my cousin told me about his friend's Samsung Wave 2, which is a class 'High' end Bada phone, priced at Rs.14000. But its not made for the people who are on a tight pocket budget. So, Samsung has made a cheaper option in the new Wave series known as Bada Family by Samsung......

Here's how the Stunning Wave 525 looks like :-

In terms of looks, this phone resembles the Samsung Star.

But, in terms of functionality the Wave 525 is extremely opposite to the Star....
The main difference in these two is that, Wave has capacitive multitouch screen so Pinch-2-Zoom is joy...
So, let me tell you the differences between Wave 2 and Wave 525.
Screen size- The Wave 2 has 3.5" Super LCD screen with resolution of 480x800 pixels,
And the Wave 525 has 3.0" TFT LCD screen with resoution of 240x400 pixels, which is not bad at all
Processor- Wave 2 has 1 GHz Cortex A8 processor
and the Wave 525 has no information about it over the net, and I also don't know b'coz I don't have it..haha..
Camera- Wave 2 has 5 MP autofocus camera with LED flash
and the Wave 525 has 3.15 camera with fixed focus and no flash..(but not bad for this price range)

Both the phones have WiFi (b/g/n) but surprisingly 525 has no 3g.
Though, the one who is on TIGHT pocket cannot afford the HIGH data cost of  3G in India
And yes, both have GPS with A-Gps support, so no hassle in
My Verdict- In the price range between 6k to 8k, one who is looking for a good and affordable smartphone with capacitive touch screen and a nice interface like Android and TouchWiz 3.0, then the Wave 525 is a Gr8 deal.....

But at last, its your choice think and take decision...

Till then,

May 28, 2011

Acer Iconia Touchbook Is Here!!

           Hello gadgets lovers, in this post I am mentioning the recently launched Acer Iconia Touchbook, which is a member of the Iconia family. 

           In Acer's own website, it says that 
           "Acer Iconia is the world’s most advanced touchbook. Dual screens. Full touch interface. A truly unique experience."

           In this UNIQUE laptop, Acer has mentioned 2 screens, as the TOUCH says... and the lower screen is more responsive than the main screen (as the reviews say). The lower screen is made of a Gorilla Glass, so scratches are less-than-rare. Both the screens measure 14" diagonally. Well, the HDD space and RAM memory will vary from country to country and budget-to-budget. Besides, this 'Dual-Screen' laptop runs on Windows 7 OS and will sport Intels 2nd Gen-Core processors.The price of this 'Touchbook' is about INR. 70,000 (Ouch!!!)

            But many times, this laptop may be sluggish in performance, and there are many Cons of this device. So the regular laptops with Physical Keybaord would be a better deal....

Verdict: Instead of spending Rs.70,000 I would recommend to buy a HP Pavilion G42 laptop with Core i3 processor, a 3GB DDR-3 RAM, and a 320/500 GB HDD for only 33,000 Rs.
                    And,in the remaining money you can buy a Samsung Galaxy Tab or Apple iPad :) so smile....

Hope, you like this post also ;)

May 24, 2011

Samsung Corby 2 S3850

Today, I went to the Samsung Shop. I was just roaming inside it and found the Samsung Corby 2 there. I asked the person there to show me one dummy version of that phone. At the first sight, I thought that this phone is the younger brother of the recently launched Samsung Galaxy Pop s5570, and ran on Samsung's own BADA operating system, but I was wrong. It just uses the Samsung's native TouchWiz 3.0 for Android and BADA. 

Okay, now let me tell you about its specfications. Samsung Corby 2, is actually targeted on the youth (as the original Corby was), so its main attractions are social networking bookmarks on the home-screen and nice quality of multimedia stuffs. But this time it has WiFi for more crispier web browsing and social networking. But  3g is missing here. The phone sports a 3.14" capacitive display with a resolution of 240 X 320, which is a disappointment here. This phone has a 3.5mm jack for earphone and line-out for other speakers or your favorite earphones. The other disappointment in the device is that it sports only 1000 mAH powered battery. But for multimedia and social networking this device is a steal...
Overall, the phone is nice deal in the range of Rs. 6000-7000.. And the most impressive thing here, that this phone comes with 2 back covers bundled in the pack. 
If there are any queries, you can ask me in the comments section.

I Hope you all like my posts....                                                                                                                 

May 09, 2011

Samsung ES30 Overview

                        Samsung, as we all know is one of the best companies in any budget as well as high range electronics. Samsung has added a new digital camera in its Compact camera range, 'The Samsung ES30'. Samsung ES30 is a SMART camera which comes in a TIGHT POCKET BUDGET. This camera sports a 12.2MP autofocus lens, which performs in a SUPERB way. As well, it records videos in VGA resolution (640x480), I personally would have appreciated it if it had atleast 720p HD video recording capabilities, though as I mentioned it's a Compact camera and it gives you most of the things which a DSLR or a SLR camera can. It also has macro with optical zooming function in video recording, so its a boon....(according 2 my needs)
                          Now let me tell you about the photography capabilities of this 'smart-cam'. It has 5x optical zoom, and it sports a 3.0" LCD display. Not only that, Samsung ES30 also has a smart-auto mode, in which this camera gives you option of 16 various auto-scene-modes. This camera works on 2 AA sized batteries. The photos clicked on this camera will give resolution of 4000x3000 pixels, in which the photos look sharp and crisp.

Verdict: At Rs. 5000, Samsung ES30 is a KILLER deal......I would recommend it only for PHOTOS, not for video shooting, though it gives you better results. You should also see the camera's from Canon and Sony.

May 05, 2011

LG Optimus One, More Than A Smartphone

            LG is one of the best companies making smartphones in the world. Now-a-days, it has an Android series also, i.e- Optimus series. The first phone in this series was the Lg Optimus gt540, which had a 3.0" resistive touchscreen with resolution of 320x480p. It sported a 3.0MP camera at the backside. Besides, it had a 600MHz processor and was based on Google Android 1.6 Donut. But after it LG launched the Optimus One P500, which has a 3.2" capacitive multi-touch screen with the resolution of 320x480p.
             This phone runs on Android 2.2 FroYo, which can be futher upgradeable to 2.3 GingerBread version. It also has a 3.5mm standard audio jack at the top, so you can switch to your favorite headphones. It also similarly sports a 3MP camera at the back, but this time it is auto-focus. Over-all this phone is a nice deal as its priced near about Rs. 12000-13000.                                                                                           

May 02, 2011

Finally, Apple iPad 2 in India

                        Every Apple lover has a good new today. Finally Apple has made its place in the heart of the Indians. Apple iPad 2, the successor of its first hit in tablet market, the Apple iPad has now made its stores in India also. But the main con here is, that Apple is going to fly only LIMITED stocks in our country. It will be sold on the basis of- 'First Come & First Serve' technique.

              After this, there is a hope for the original iPad to get cheaper.
The prices are given below: -
16GB Wi-Fi: Rs. 29,500
32G Wi-Fi: Rs. 34,500
64GB Wi-Fi: Rs. 39,500
16GB 3G + Wi-Fi: Rs. 36,900
32GB 3G + Wi-Fi: Rs. 41,900
64GB 3G + Wi-Fi: Rs. 46,900

May 01, 2011

Leaked- Micromax A70

                Micromax entered the Android market Andro A60, which had a resistive 2.8" QVGA display and ran on android 2.1 Eclair, which is not upgradeable to 2.2. But here are some leaked information of the 'to be launched' Micromax A70, successor of the A60.

                      According to, this phone will have a 3.2" capacitive display with a resolution of 320x480p. Besides, it will sport a 5mp autofocus camera and a VGA front-facing camera for 3g video calls, a nice job done by Micromax(if launched).
                    Talking about the looks and styling, from the front it looks as this phone has taken a crisp from HTC. There are no information provided about the processor and the ram. But I personally think (according to the rumours) that this phone will be available at a price range from Rs.7000 to Rs.9000. But, have to wait for the launch date.

Samsung Galaxy Pop(mini) s5570

              After HTC, Samsung comes into mind for its value-for-money range of power packed Galaxy Android smartphones. Samsung kept its foot in the 'Touch Screen' market with the launch of its very own phone named TouchWiz. Samsung started its Galaxy series with the launch the 'First Apple iPhone Killer' phone, the Galaxy 'S'.
Now, this Korean company has launched many Galaxy phones after it, from high-range to mid-range.

               Samsung has recently launched the Galaxy Pop s5570, also known as Galaxy mini in many countries. Priced at Rs.8700, this smartphone sports a QVGA(320x240p) capacitive 3.14" touch screen with multi-touch support, so that you can easily pinch-n-zoom. Besides, it has a 3.15mp camera which gives JUST fine photos. As mentioned above, this is a mid range smartphone, but it can do everything what a smartphone can do. It works on Android 2.2 FroYo OS.
               My verdict for this mobile is, priced at Rs.8700, it is a BEST DEAL, you can ever get...But don't go according to me..check it out first and then buy the phone... 

                  If there are any queries, you can ask me anytime and I will be there to help you........

Till then,