June 13, 2011

Samsung Wave 525, for the one's on a TIGHT budget.....

         Today, my cousin told me about his friend's Samsung Wave 2, which is a class 'High' end Bada phone, priced at Rs.14000. But its not made for the people who are on a tight pocket budget. So, Samsung has made a cheaper option in the new Wave series known as Bada Family by Samsung......

Here's how the Stunning Wave 525 looks like :-

In terms of looks, this phone resembles the Samsung Star.

But, in terms of functionality the Wave 525 is extremely opposite to the Star....
The main difference in these two is that, Wave has capacitive multitouch screen so Pinch-2-Zoom is joy...
So, let me tell you the differences between Wave 2 and Wave 525.
Screen size- The Wave 2 has 3.5" Super LCD screen with resolution of 480x800 pixels,
And the Wave 525 has 3.0" TFT LCD screen with resoution of 240x400 pixels, which is not bad at all
Processor- Wave 2 has 1 GHz Cortex A8 processor
and the Wave 525 has no information about it over the net, and I also don't know b'coz I don't have it..haha..
Camera- Wave 2 has 5 MP autofocus camera with LED flash
and the Wave 525 has 3.15 camera with fixed focus and no flash..(but not bad for this price range)

Both the phones have WiFi (b/g/n) but surprisingly 525 has no 3g.
Though, the one who is on TIGHT pocket cannot afford the HIGH data cost of  3G in India yet......lol
And yes, both have GPS with A-Gps support, so no hassle in traffic..lol
My Verdict- In the price range between 6k to 8k, one who is looking for a good and affordable smartphone with capacitive touch screen and a nice interface like Android and TouchWiz 3.0, then the Wave 525 is a Gr8 deal.....

But at last, its your choice think and take decision...

Till then,