August 19, 2011

App Review: V-Home Screen for Nokia s60

Hello readers. Its been a long time when Nokia was renowned for its Symbian OS. But after the arrival of Apple's iOS and Google's Android, Symbian moved aside. But yes, the new Symbian^3 is mighty and powerful but not as great as Android or iOS. Then what should the S60v5 users do? Nokia doesn't add more processing power or RAM to its mid-range phones. Then also there are some good apps for that too!!
I can know how one feels for the not so Classy SINGLE home screen UI of Nokia in front of a Android, iPhone or any of the latest(and cheapest too) Samsung's touchscreen phones with TouchWiz UI consiting of 3-7 homescreens. As I am using a Nokia 5233 too, so I was worried about that thing like you only!!! So, I surfed the web and found something new i.e. V-home for Nokia. 
V-Home is a mod for Nokia s60v5 phones, which installs easily and turns your phone UI into a new and stylish UI.
Here are some screenshots of V-Home for Nokia (click to zoom) : -

I am sure that you will now definitely love your Nokia(just for the homescreen). I have attached the file below which you can download by clicking the big button, which screams DOWNLOAD!!