June 16, 2015

Unveiled: Sony Xperia Z4v. Upgrades over Z3+ and is Exclusively Verizon.

Hello readers, sorry for a gap between my previous post and this one, all due to some boozy reasons I'll never prefer to share. ;)
Here comes another flagship model by Sony- Xperia Z4v. As of the news, it's exclusive for Verizon Cellulars(as the V comes in the nomenclature). It is said to be minorly upgraded version of the Z3+, or as of Japan, they call it Z4.
Sony Xperia Z4 stock
Sony Z4 Stock Image
Speaking about the specifications of the device, the display will be sporting a WQHD 5.2" display, as of Z3+, it was a 1080p model. Talking about the upgrade, charging options are flown up with added PMA Charging unit and Qi technology(for those who don't know click here to know).

Apart from the swapped postions of front camera and the rear cam as compared to Z3+, the battery pack has been increased to 3000mAh. Z4v uses the same powerhouse as the Z3+. Tranlating it, I mean by the same Snapdragon 810 SoC and 3GB RAm module and 32Gb onboard storage. For the photobugs, 20.7MP Rear and 5.1MP(for the duck face and pouted selfies, kiddin!) Front camera module will be there.

Verizon Xperia's are not new in the race, as the Z3v was one, Z4v is another. Yet, it has IP65 and IP68 ratings for water and dust proofing. No news about the pricing yet, as of now. We, frankly have no news about the OS version it will work on. If confirmed, it'll be edited.

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