May 28, 2011

Acer Iconia Touchbook Is Here!!

           Hello gadgets lovers, in this post I am mentioning the recently launched Acer Iconia Touchbook, which is a member of the Iconia family. 

           In Acer's own website, it says that 
           "Acer Iconia is the world’s most advanced touchbook. Dual screens. Full touch interface. A truly unique experience."

           In this UNIQUE laptop, Acer has mentioned 2 screens, as the TOUCH says... and the lower screen is more responsive than the main screen (as the reviews say). The lower screen is made of a Gorilla Glass, so scratches are less-than-rare. Both the screens measure 14" diagonally. Well, the HDD space and RAM memory will vary from country to country and budget-to-budget. Besides, this 'Dual-Screen' laptop runs on Windows 7 OS and will sport Intels 2nd Gen-Core processors.The price of this 'Touchbook' is about INR. 70,000 (Ouch!!!)

            But many times, this laptop may be sluggish in performance, and there are many Cons of this device. So the regular laptops with Physical Keybaord would be a better deal....

Verdict: Instead of spending Rs.70,000 I would recommend to buy a HP Pavilion G42 laptop with Core i3 processor, a 3GB DDR-3 RAM, and a 320/500 GB HDD for only 33,000 Rs.
                    And,in the remaining money you can buy a Samsung Galaxy Tab or Apple iPad :) so smile....

Hope, you like this post also ;)