August 08, 2011

Again, a new Youtube

         Hello readers, I am sure that you all have definitely heard the phrase- "The internet is full of TUBE's", I think so. But the most popular one is, but why does it constantly change its layout every year or two?
         Why Youtube doesn't add user-friendliness in the new layout before releasing it?
Youtube in 2005(click on the pic to zoom)
Youtube in 2011(click on the pic to zoom)
         After 6 years, Google has made a ton of efforts in maintaining the layout and look of Youtube with generation and age. Again within 6 months, there will be a change, according to me.
         But I still love Google and Youtube(not only me, you must also be doing the same too)
I know that this post consisted nothing important, but I am still confused-"Why does Google Do so?"

Again there's a request from me,
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