August 09, 2011

Some thoughts about LG Optimus One P500...

    I posted an overview of LG Optimus One P500 recently. After watching several video reviews and comparison over the web, I came to a conclusion that LG has put its best to make this phone. But, in my college and society, everyone prefers Samsung. I still don't understand why? Why they always blame LG?

Lg Optimus One P500
    I know Samsung is the much better, but Optimus One is much-much better than the phones in the same price bracket by Samsung. Okay!! I should leave that topic, because everyone has his/her thoughts behind everything. 
  The standard resolution for running almost every apps from Android Market is 320x480p, and not 320x240p, which is awful on a 3" screen, in my opinion.
     According to the dummy model of Optimus One, I saw, I came to a conclusion that it feels much much greater than any other phone in the same price range(I wrote any other phone, not comparing). I still don't understand why do I like this phone, or maybe I am extra spec-conscious geek, or maybe the phone, I don't know...
A new thought by me (pls don't laugh)- "Samsung and LG, both are best, but goodness depends on your mood!"     

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