November 09, 2011

Life with my Nokia 5233

Well, its been a long time I wanted to share my experience in my 'gizmo' life with Nokia 5233. My Nokia is about 10 months old now. My dad bought it for me near about in the last December, and I was so happy when I got it, I can't even express that feeling, b'coz it was my first touch' phone which I got in my life. Actually I am a proud owner of the 'limited edition' chrome bordered version of Nokia 5233. It is my first touch phone and still it looks like a new one, b'coz I can keep my gadget's and gizmo's alive for a time longer that anyone else :)

Some of the things which I love in this phone include a nice and responsive touch screen, being resistive; extremely crisp resolution of the screen, which is very clear and wide enough to watch movies on it, so and so...This phone does not have 3G or WiFi on it, but its internet speed on edge/GPRS are fast enough to get the stitch on time which saves my nine, just joking but yea, its speedy enough.

It also has a nice Symbian S60 OS, which is, in my opinion, an okay-okay platform to start your journey with a smartphone or a touch phone instead of going with the Java phones. B'coz the os gives 'some' choices to the apps which can cut the boring time, but not as great as Android. Actually my dad first gave me choices between Samsung Corby and Nokia 5233, and as you know I opted for Nokia. I even like Corby, but it does not have as many features as Nokia and 8/10 people on the street had that thingy on their palm.

This is my one, still looks squeaky new.

Wait for my next posts,

Till then,