September 12, 2014

Moto G(2013) V. Moto G(2014) : Worth an update?

Hello readers. How have you all been doing?

Its the burst of mid-year with many iPhone 6-y blabbering rumors out there, and there peeks in the new, fresh Moto G with size increment and a micro-sd slot plus some new features, would it be wise for 'Throw old and get newer' jingles?
Let's be clever.

Orginal Moto G(2013)

Moto G(2014) IC:

What's newer?

1. Bigger Camera Pixels.
Bigger here doesn't need to be confused with the ultra-pixels by HTC stuffs. The original G had a 5mp shooter behind it, and this newer toddler comes with an 8mp sensor. All I know is, mega-pixels don't do the job, the sensor, quality of the sensor, the light/aperture it takes in should be better. Pixel counts have nothing to with the final image quality. The image should be clear, but not exceeding the pixel interlacing and quality losses. Still, the bigger, the better!

2. Stereo Front Speaker grills, Hello Moto (big) E!
Looks like a bring over stuff from the Moto E. The front looks gorgeous. Something fresh!

3. EXPANDABLE! I missed my loyal SD card!
With the release of The Expendables 3 (lol), it seems, everyone is getting to the mainstream-but-useful expandable memories. The most awaited upgrade here! It was being missed by the Moto fans. But there's something good to say too. You get expandable memory with an inbuilt 16gb device for a price which falls around the non-microSD models of the 16gb Moto G(2013).
This would be a cherry on the cake, I hope!

4. Screen size and Less Bezel-ish design.
The reason why I love Nexus devices is because of it's thin bezel(say Nexus 5). Moto G(2) comes with this stuff too. Less bezels, more style, lesser overall size.

5. Updates, I love'em.
Google releases updates, and it strikes the bang-on moment on the moto/Nexus devices at the same time.

Final Verdict: -
Spending 12k for a phone like this, won't be bad either if one doesn't love the 'discontinuation' by Xiaomi.

Do write me up for your feedbacks.

Take care!