October 27, 2013

Review: PNY Trend Series Headphone(In-Ear)

 Hola Readers!

I am back again with something being tuned in my pockets. Yay, they are my new headphones.

Recently I ordered this headphone from Snapdeal. Site promised to deliver it withing 3-4 days, but I got it after full week. Maybe, there was some issue, the packaging was good though. I couldnt afford waiting for them to deliver it to my home after waiting for so much of time, I directly got it from there courier office(Bludart).
Each pic were captured using Canvas 2
Talking about the looks, yay! they are awesomely designed, but turns to be a delicate piece of work though. The chrome bezel adds to its elegant finish.

After using it with
couple of devices including my Lenovo G570 and MMX Canvas 2 with MusicXMatch and activated Equalizers, I found this stuff to be an awesome device.

Nicely written DJ on the jack cover.
The PNY Trend series In-ear headphone comes with a gold plated 3.5mm jack, which means greater quality output.

It comes pre-bundled with 2 pairs of ear gel, both large and small(and Mid-sized pre-fitted in the packaging) to fit everyones ear sizes.

One thing I was dissapointed with was, that it doesn't come with a pouch for storing it.

Yeah! It does tangle being in the pocket. :(

Testing on my G570

Here are my ratings.
Looks: 10/10

Sound Highs: 9/10

Mids: 9/10

Lows: 9/10

Bass: 8/10

Treble: 10/10

VFM: 9/10

Rounding up, it is totally Value for Money gizmo one should bring out.