April 05, 2016

Asus Zenfone 3 and Zenfone 3 Deluxe Renders Leaked

If we talk about the rumor-mill of tech and smartphones, renders are on top these days. Similarly there's sort of buzz around the web regarding the new 3rd gen of the Zenfone lineup by Asus.
Below are some images of the unofficial renders which are believed to be close to the original devices.

Rumors are there that the Zenfone 3 will sport the same 5.5" 1920x1080 display module (nothing clear about the technology, let's hope for a clear black OLED this time!) and will be seen running on a QS 650 SoC topped by 3GB RAM.

Talking about the Zenfone 3 Deluxe, it'll hold a bigger and lesser pixel dense screen, a 5.9" 1280x720 unit and maybe the internal specs be the same this time. Out of the box, there will be ZENUi seen running over 6.0 Marshmallow. No clear news about the cameras too. Hopefully there must be atleast 12mp Rear /8mp Front combo.

This time it's seen that the devices will hold a physical tactile response button alongside two touch-capacitive keys.

Maybe Asus is going to launch the lineup at the Computex 2016 which dates at May 31st, while the Zenfone 2 was launched at the CES 2015 while Deluxe version of it was launched in September '15.

June 16, 2015

Unveiled: Sony Xperia Z4v. Upgrades over Z3+ and is Exclusively Verizon.

Hello readers, sorry for a gap between my previous post and this one, all due to some boozy reasons I'll never prefer to share. ;)
Here comes another flagship model by Sony- Xperia Z4v. As of the news, it's exclusive for Verizon Cellulars(as the V comes in the nomenclature). It is said to be minorly upgraded version of the Z3+, or as of Japan, they call it Z4.
Sony Xperia Z4 stock
Sony Z4 Stock Image
Speaking about the specifications of the device, the display will be sporting a WQHD 5.2" display, as of Z3+, it was a 1080p model. Talking about the upgrade, charging options are flown up with added PMA Charging unit and Qi technology(for those who don't know click here to know).

Apart from the swapped postions of front camera and the rear cam as compared to Z3+, the battery pack has been increased to 3000mAh. Z4v uses the same powerhouse as the Z3+. Tranlating it, I mean by the same Snapdragon 810 SoC and 3GB RAm module and 32Gb onboard storage. For the photobugs, 20.7MP Rear and 5.1MP(for the duck face and pouted selfies, kiddin!) Front camera module will be there.

Verizon Xperia's are not new in the race, as the Z3v was one, Z4v is another. Yet, it has IP65 and IP68 ratings for water and dust proofing. No news about the pricing yet, as of now. We, frankly have no news about the OS version it will work on. If confirmed, it'll be edited.

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December 19, 2014

Micromax Yu: Expectations.

The most bragged home bred Cyanogen device being now fully booked over Amazon. So being a geek,  what are my expectations from it? What basically is it meant to be?

1. Security and Privacy.
After watching the live Launch event over YouTube yesterday, all the speakers had a  positive bend towards the security and privacy concerns of the device.

As we all know, in the nerdy techie world, or talk about a simple sophisticated guy. Who would love their data to be captured by a long horn company's server?  Whatever they make of it, but nothing is safe in this world.

Yureka, which comes exclusive with Cyanogenmod, it will be focusing over the security issues like a treat. Users will be allowed to grant the permission they want on their app. This would be very helpful in terms of unusual data transmission in background and other several-not-major issues.

2. More personal.

The guy's at Yu promised to give out 2 free custom themes in the beginning,  which would be (I guess)  community submitted artwork and will be launching more themes later on with further updates.

We all use launchers,  Nova Prime being my personal favorite. But Cyanogen themes gives you option to have full control over the visible screen area. Which includes buttons, layouts, fonts, and general things.

3. Performance and Performance..!
Being housed on by a 64 bit Octa core Snapdragon 615 SoC and 2GB DDR3 RAM,  who won't have a tempt to taste some more muscular energy?

Well, I have been using an Asus Zenfone 5 a month after it launched in India. It has some good features too. If it can be a beast in terms of performance, why can't Yu be?

Also, DDR3 memory tends to suck lesser juice from the 2500mAh power it boasts of.

4. Say Cheese!

Well, this is the first thing I look after the processor and looks in a phone. Yureka boasts of 13MP front and 5 MP rear lenses. While, the rear one being a Sony Exmor R unit with f/2.2 aperture to tuck in the light.

This sounds great, but hey..! Did anyone shout SloMo?

Yes, the device is capable to shoot 60fps videos and maybe jump to 120fps in the upcoming updates.

Bottom Line.

Well it's not the end of my expectations. Maybe I'll be writing one more keynote for the remaining ones. Still, a hope to get a better Mobile phone from a home brand like Micromax can do many good deeds.

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December 18, 2014

Micromax YU to be unveiled today. Rumored to be priced below 12K INR.

Cyanogenmod being the most favorite ROM's of all time is now setting trends to be 'officially' used with new devices. Oppo and OnePlus being the trendsetters, Micromax is now the new one to join the race.

As it was teased to be officially announced today (18/12/2014), I hope for it's good market and as Yu sub-brand is targeted for youngsters, Cyanogen may play a hit role as it's famous for it's time to time updates and latest builds with tonnes of customization options and tweaks.

For who don't know what a ROM is, please click here to get the facts and for CyanogenMod, uhh click here.

Talking about the sales platform, Amazon is taking care of it.

It is also rumored to be featuring 4G and 64bit processor.

Specs will be covered next.

Stay tuned.

November 20, 2014

This new freak from LG has 'eyes' on you!

Smartphones these days getting extra smarter with the personal assistants .(Hello Siri, Google Now and Cortana!).
Now that LG doesn't remain 'practically' behind the race, it announced the LG A.K.A(meant to be pronunced as Aw-kuh). These phones are availabe in 4 colors with very catchy names. viz, Eggy(yellow one), Wooky(the white bully), Soul(black and the charm), and YoYo(pink). Names are given in such a way to make users realize that smartphones these days have a brain, than their no-brainers!
Eyes don't Lie
The phone is a new member of the G series by LG. Specs are mid-range.The device itself sports a 5" 720p screen and 4.4 Kitkat being horsed up by a 1.2GHz Quad-core processor with 1.5GB of RAM.
The back shooter is 8 MegaPixels and the selfie department has been taken care by a 2MP sensor.
Coming to the storage part, it has 16GB of onboard memory and SD expandibility.

As said, being a member of the G-series, these 4 tangy pieces sport a Laser Assisted focus just like the G3 had, plus the similar button-ey design on the back.

The eyes react while having any sort of notification and shake/get drizzy while one shakes the device.

There is a good news. The phone has a 4G LTE connectivity onboard and everything cooks up with the total powerhouse of 2610 mAh battery.

Source: GSMArena

November 19, 2014

Weekly Bash | Top 3 apps worth a shot

As I use an Android device, the apps shown below are basically for Android. Some of them maybe Android-only and some may be cross platform too. So I'll be showcasing on the Best free apps this week I used and loved so far. Applications I reviewed below, can be downloaded for free on Google Play Store, or particular App stores according to your mobile OS.

To start with, I would love to declare All the contents below are my part of personal opinion. None of the contents are advertised or monetize my webpage.

1. Shuttle Music Player.

To start with, I am a music guy. Even if I forget my bike keys, my earphones stills stay in my pockets.
Talking about Third Party apps, I use musiXmatch. But this app is not less than it. Yea, musiXmatch is a cherry when it comes to design, flawless-ness, ability to derive lyrics and floating lyrics.
Shuttle, is based on the Material design, the new reboot in Google's working area. It has a nice and effective Equalizer too.
Shuttle provides nice swiping and new layout like the recently updated Gmail and Play Music.

Download it here.
Nova with Shuffle widget

2. Nova Launcher Free/ Prime.
Another Google fan? Hate your customized ROM or UI? Love Stock theme like Nexus? Any other reasons?
Then yay! Nova is for you. Download the latest version to get the Lollipop Goodness inside it.
Prime has its own benefits.There are more of the Lollipop material 'circle' for example, sort of anymations and transition effects.

Download it here.

3.SwiftKey Keyboard.
I am using this keyboard since my Asus Zenfone 5 upgraded to Kitkat and removed the Google Keyboard. There are plenty of themes to choose from. Some flawless perks and nice UI. The integrated user dictionary works well.

Download it here.

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November 14, 2014

Another Lumia sans Nokia | The Microsoft Lumia 940 gets teased.

After the grand 11/11/14 #MoreLumia day by Microsoft's stunning release of the Lumia 535, here's another great news for the Lumia fans (me too!).

Was checking out something on Twitter for some news on new Lumia's (#MoreLumia) and got this right now.

Here is some news about the Lumia 940!

Specs say-
- 24MP Pureview Camera with 4K Slow-mo recording.
- 5MP Front Camera.
- Snapdragon 805 SoC.
- 3GB RAM (I am a monster!)
- Storage options- 32gigs, 64gigs and 128gigs
- 5 inch FHD display with Gorilla Glass 4.
- Confusion about OS: Windows Phone 10 or will be running on 8.1 build
   (but hey, every device is gonna updated.)

Lets see if more devices from Lumia coming in our pockets soon.

Take care readers.