December 23, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Y and Y Pro Duos surfaces on Web

Hello readers, I am back again with an cheesy news again.
In India, after the launch of dual sim Android phones such as the Micromax Supefone lite A75 and Spice Mi350n, how can Samsung sit quiet? No, no, no don't even think so. While surfing the web I saw something interesting and wanted to share it with you. Some press releases say that, Samsung is going to launch Dual sim variants of its Galaxy Y and Y Pro budget smartphones and are gonna named as Galaxy Y Duos and Galaxy Y Pro Duos respectively. There is even a probability of these phones to release within next two months

Specs are given below the image.
Samsung Galaxy Y Duos: -
  • Android 2.3 Gingerbread.
  • Same 832 Mhz Processor but with 384mb of RAM this time.
  • 3.14" TFT capacitive multitouch display with same 320*240 QVGA sucking display(why samsung?)
  • Dual Sim (GSM+GSM).
  • 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS , as every android has.
  • A 3.2MP camera at rear(last one had only 2MP). But seriously, no front facing cam.
Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos: -
  • Android 2.3 Gingerbread.
  • 2.6" TFT touch screen
  • 832 Mhz processor.
  • All standard Android stuffs I am bored writing it...
  • and yes a  3.2MP camera.
  • PLUS!!! a front facing camera.
Expected launch: -
Near about in Quarter 1 '2012

My Views: -
The Samsung galaxy Y S5360 was targetted mainly for the youth gen ('Y' ). And these two phones with some higher specs like dual sim and a good camera, I think are for those business folks who love a cheesy CLASS sort of phones, mainly the Galaxy Y pro duos, the qwerty version of Galaxy Y duos. Well according to me, a phone is a phone at last, and I dont think about a business or a multimedia tag under a phone. Because, if the phone has simple design it is named after BUSINESS phone. Well, its our(consumers) choice to buy which one........

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December 13, 2011

Micromax launched the Superfone lite A75

Micromax, an Indian mobile making company who has always tried to win the hearts of mediocre people by making powerful phones in a very nice price bracket, so that everyone can afford it. Yesterday, as per the news I read, I came to know that this company again launched a new android phone viz., Micromax Superfone lite A75, the l'll bro of the recently launched A85 with dual core nVidia processor. A75 is launched in a price bracket <10k, as I said so that everyone can afford it. And for the delight, it has got a very fabulous spec sheet too.cheers! and see below....

The specs include:-
  • A nice 3.75" screen with res of 320X480p.
  • 650MHz of processor
  • 3MP rear shooter with LED flash, and 0.3MP front facing cam
  • and yes Dual sim too(GSM+GSM), again Cheers!
Readers, this phone has just awesome specs. And I am just waiting for a good review to come on Youtube..
Till then,
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N.B: The images are just for indication and do not belong to me. They are taken from Micromax's own website, and not my property.