June 30, 2012

Update for my Galaxy Y, its Awesome :)

Hello readers, this is me blogging from my home PC. As I was suffering from a severe tonsil infection in my throat, so I tried updating my trusty Galaxy Y to the latest firmware, i.e.
(as seen in my Kies app) but in my phone menu, the Kernel version is showing up as S5360DDLE1. I didn't used Kies for updating it, just did a FOTA update.
So here are some pics:

Before Updating: -

After Updating :- 

There are many changes like the lock screen and some bug fixes.
So, Samsung has added some new transition like the new Galaxy range for ex. Galaxy Mini 2.
The lockscreen has a nice lock/ unlock effect. Also some scrolling effects and the navigation bar effect have been changed.
All in all, a nice bug fix and look update.

Anurag Ganguly | Anurag n Gadgets :)

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