May 02, 2011

Finally, Apple iPad 2 in India

                        Every Apple lover has a good new today. Finally Apple has made its place in the heart of the Indians. Apple iPad 2, the successor of its first hit in tablet market, the Apple iPad has now made its stores in India also. But the main con here is, that Apple is going to fly only LIMITED stocks in our country. It will be sold on the basis of- 'First Come & First Serve' technique.

              After this, there is a hope for the original iPad to get cheaper.
The prices are given below: -
16GB Wi-Fi: Rs. 29,500
32G Wi-Fi: Rs. 34,500
64GB Wi-Fi: Rs. 39,500
16GB 3G + Wi-Fi: Rs. 36,900
32GB 3G + Wi-Fi: Rs. 41,900
64GB 3G + Wi-Fi: Rs. 46,900