August 11, 2011

Nokia C2-02 and C2-06, will they stay for long??

      Hiii readers, hope you follow me this time or at least comment? Hmmm, today I got something interesting over the web. Something new, which should be done by Nokia before. I think you got an exact image of what I am going to convey...No? Okay read below ..
    Nokia is busy releasing 2 new touch-n-type phones(I said 'touch' not 'smart'). The keyboard will have slider mechanism, but it will be Alphanumeric(its ''ancient'' now Nokia) they should use QWERTY keypad at least okay company should be knowing whats better......
Nokia C2-06
Nokia C2-02


"No Difference in both of them at all (lack of designers at Nokia)"

         Full specs of the phones: Nokia C2-02 and Nokia C2-06,
         and Pre-order site: Nokia C2-02 and Nokia C2-06

     For the price, I think that the phones would not bad though, but resistive touch screen on 2.6" QVGA display still matters....Okay, if your fingers are too small then this is best for you at this price. I don't understand why Nokia does not give its phone some "Pet name", everytime its gives name which don't come on tongue, why Nokia? Why? Both of these are Dual sim and Dual stand-by mode enabled I thought this would also be running on its ''Familier'' Symbian 60 v5 (s60v5). But wait, this one is Java based phone or it may be running on s40 for Java(actually both are same, but s40 is customized by Nokia) or I don't know, because it is not shown up on too.... so, should wait till any reviews come up or let it be..depends on you readers...

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