May 09, 2011

Samsung ES30 Overview

                        Samsung, as we all know is one of the best companies in any budget as well as high range electronics. Samsung has added a new digital camera in its Compact camera range, 'The Samsung ES30'. Samsung ES30 is a SMART camera which comes in a TIGHT POCKET BUDGET. This camera sports a 12.2MP autofocus lens, which performs in a SUPERB way. As well, it records videos in VGA resolution (640x480), I personally would have appreciated it if it had atleast 720p HD video recording capabilities, though as I mentioned it's a Compact camera and it gives you most of the things which a DSLR or a SLR camera can. It also has macro with optical zooming function in video recording, so its a boon....(according 2 my needs)
                          Now let me tell you about the photography capabilities of this 'smart-cam'. It has 5x optical zoom, and it sports a 3.0" LCD display. Not only that, Samsung ES30 also has a smart-auto mode, in which this camera gives you option of 16 various auto-scene-modes. This camera works on 2 AA sized batteries. The photos clicked on this camera will give resolution of 4000x3000 pixels, in which the photos look sharp and crisp.

Verdict: At Rs. 5000, Samsung ES30 is a KILLER deal......I would recommend it only for PHOTOS, not for video shooting, though it gives you better results. You should also see the camera's from Canon and Sony.