January 22, 2012

Backup your market apps on Android

Whenever you download any app from the market place, you want it to be in .apk format. So that you can anytime install it on your  phone  again when you format it or uninstall the particular app. 
For that thing, there's an app called  App  Backup & Restore, which is available for free over the marketplace.

Download Link: Click here

This app is a great tool, which is easy to install and fun to archive the apps.

Some great features of the app:
- Backup apps to SD card
- Batch backup
- Backup market link for protected apps
- Restore apps from SD card
- Batch restore
- Quick uninstalling
- Sort apps by name, install date, size
- Auto backup on install
- Show storage usage
- Multi version backup
- Search app from Google market
- Send apk file by email
- Share market link
- Support App2SD

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Anurag Ganguly

January 20, 2012

[Tutorial] How to speed up your Droid

Hey guys, I recently got my droid, the Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 Android smartphone. I am using this phone since 1 week and I just got addicted to it coz I just love it, I mean its so nice and for me, its the best smartphone in the world.
One thing every android phone should be treated with, is downloading and installing App 2 SD pro. Its a nice and free app that you get from the marketplace and you can now save and install all your apps directly in your SD card. But, then also there are some apps which get stuck to the phone memory and therefore result and slowing down the device a bit. If you have downloaded App 2 SD onto you device, then have a look at this tutorial.

Step I

Open the menu and find App 2 SD icon.     

Step II

Open the 'Phone only' tab.
Select any app, and hold it for some time till a new window opens up and select Uninstall/ Details.

Step III

A new window will open, then select Clear data option from it.

Step IV

Now you are done, but be sure to do this procedure with every app. And if possible then restart your phone too. Comment and share my post if this was helpful.

[NOTE: PLEASE don't do this for any game if you have reached maximum level and don't want to play it again from the beginning.]