November 14, 2014

Another Lumia sans Nokia | The Microsoft Lumia 940 gets teased.

After the grand 11/11/14 #MoreLumia day by Microsoft's stunning release of the Lumia 535, here's another great news for the Lumia fans (me too!).

Was checking out something on Twitter for some news on new Lumia's (#MoreLumia) and got this right now.

Here is some news about the Lumia 940!

Specs say-
- 24MP Pureview Camera with 4K Slow-mo recording.
- 5MP Front Camera.
- Snapdragon 805 SoC.
- 3GB RAM (I am a monster!)
- Storage options- 32gigs, 64gigs and 128gigs
- 5 inch FHD display with Gorilla Glass 4.
- Confusion about OS: Windows Phone 10 or will be running on 8.1 build
   (but hey, every device is gonna updated.)

Lets see if more devices from Lumia coming in our pockets soon.

Take care readers.