December 19, 2014

Micromax Yu: Expectations.

The most bragged home bred Cyanogen device being now fully booked over Amazon. So being a geek,  what are my expectations from it? What basically is it meant to be?

1. Security and Privacy.
After watching the live Launch event over YouTube yesterday, all the speakers had a  positive bend towards the security and privacy concerns of the device.

As we all know, in the nerdy techie world, or talk about a simple sophisticated guy. Who would love their data to be captured by a long horn company's server?  Whatever they make of it, but nothing is safe in this world.

Yureka, which comes exclusive with Cyanogenmod, it will be focusing over the security issues like a treat. Users will be allowed to grant the permission they want on their app. This would be very helpful in terms of unusual data transmission in background and other several-not-major issues.

2. More personal.

The guy's at Yu promised to give out 2 free custom themes in the beginning,  which would be (I guess)  community submitted artwork and will be launching more themes later on with further updates.

We all use launchers,  Nova Prime being my personal favorite. But Cyanogen themes gives you option to have full control over the visible screen area. Which includes buttons, layouts, fonts, and general things.

3. Performance and Performance..!
Being housed on by a 64 bit Octa core Snapdragon 615 SoC and 2GB DDR3 RAM,  who won't have a tempt to taste some more muscular energy?

Well, I have been using an Asus Zenfone 5 a month after it launched in India. It has some good features too. If it can be a beast in terms of performance, why can't Yu be?

Also, DDR3 memory tends to suck lesser juice from the 2500mAh power it boasts of.

4. Say Cheese!

Well, this is the first thing I look after the processor and looks in a phone. Yureka boasts of 13MP front and 5 MP rear lenses. While, the rear one being a Sony Exmor R unit with f/2.2 aperture to tuck in the light.

This sounds great, but hey..! Did anyone shout SloMo?

Yes, the device is capable to shoot 60fps videos and maybe jump to 120fps in the upcoming updates.

Bottom Line.

Well it's not the end of my expectations. Maybe I'll be writing one more keynote for the remaining ones. Still, a hope to get a better Mobile phone from a home brand like Micromax can do many good deeds.

Have Yu any more stuffs to share?  Do write up over G+.